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Balloons and Beach.jpg
Balloons and Beach.jpg

I was a canvas print snob! I admit it ...

I turn my nose up the thought of taking original work and crudely reprocuring on some generic untouched the artist and mass reproducing it.

Until recenlty scrooling thoruhg all the word zive doen over the 15 years, feeling meloncoly that there are gone, ive would probably never or touch them again, or wouldnt my current partons or supporters.

then it hit me!!!! I could bring them back to life via my photograps, oh waht joy, they were not gone at all, just in my libary of photos waitign for me to bring back to life....enter the solution. 

The Cnvas print!!!

I can now not only see my creations hangong on my own walls but i could actully share them. Halliluyah. ans so I have started obssisvly b=brig them back to life and shaerign igeerines, in afford way to a whole new audience

My artwork is not just about creating a beautiful image, but also about capturing the emotions and feelings that come with being surrounded by water. Whether it is the tranquility of a calm sea or the power of a crashing wave, my water scapes are designed to evoke a sense of awe and wonder.

As an artist, I strive to create artwork that not only celebrates my Caribbean heritage but also connects with people on a deeper level. My hope is that when people view my paintings, they will be transported to a place of calm and serenity, where the beauty of the ocean is all around them.

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