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Life Water

Fluidity Transformed, Caribbean-Inspired

My artwork is not just about creating a beautiful image, but also about capturing the emotions and feelings that come with being surrounded by water. Whether it is the tranquility of a calm sea or the power of a crashing wave, my water scapes are designed to evoke a sense of awe and wonder.

As an artist, I strive to create artwork that not only celebrates my Caribbean heritage but also connects with people on a deeper level. My hope is that when people view my paintings, they will be transported to a place of calm and serenity, where the beauty of the ocean is all around them.

She reflects: "As a Jamaican-born artist who now live in St. Petersburg, I have found that both places share a common appreciation for art, culture, and natural beauty.

In Jamaica, the island's vibrant colors, unique culture, and stunning natural scenery have been a constant source of inspiration for my artwork. My water scapes reflect the tranquility and beauty of the Caribbean Sea, while the use of vibrant colors is a nod to the island's lively and vibrant culture.

In St. Petersburg, I have found a community that shares my passion for art and creativity. The city's thriving art scene is reflected in its numerous galleries, museums, and public art installations. Like Jamaica, St. Petersburg also boasts a beautiful waterfront that serves as a constant reminder of the beauty and power of nature.

Through the use of acrylic, I am able to bring my paintings to life, creating a vibrant and textured effect that captures the essence of water. The colors I use are a mix of blues, greens, and whites, reflecting the natural beauty of the ocean and the Caribbean landscape."

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