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Empowering Emerging Artists: Fostering Access, Agency, and Representation

From Canvas to Community!

Over time, my purpose has evolved, aimed at empowering emerging professional artists within my community, particularly those who are underrepresented. It's about what I can do to foster access and agency for them. My focus now is on creating a positive impact. Gratitude goes beyond words; it's about taking action. Presently, while also focusing on creating my own artwork, I dedicate my artistic endeavors to supporting and nurturing emerging artists, investing in their journey by offering mentorship, guidance, and purchasing their artwork to support their development and enrich their journey. My aim is to contribute meaningfully to the artistic community, ensuring its continuous growth and vibrancy.

Thanks for you continued support-Vivia



About Us

WeArt is a Artist Development Program, founded by Vivia Barron, aims to provide free mentorship and support to underrepresented artists, empowering them to develop their artistic practice and navigate the art business landscape with confidence and resilience.


Recent addition - Rose Mary Artist: Jabari Reed (I.B.O.M.S) March 2024

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