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Vivia Barron

About Vivia 

Vivia Barron working in her Studio

Celebrating Joy, History, and Charting an Unconventional Path.

Vivia Barron is a self-taught artist whose work brings to life the beauty of joyful beach moments and honors the untold stories of black individuals from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Through her vibrant and captivating paintings, as well as her meticulous restoration of antique photographs, Vivia has charted her own course outside the traditional path, leading her art to be displayed in prestigious institutions such as the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, as well as exhibitions in museums and galleries.

Inspired by the carefree and exhilarating ambiance of the beach, Vivia's art captures the essence of people enjoying life by the water. With a keen eye for vibrant colors and dynamic compositions, she transports viewers to a world of joy and wonder, inviting them to embrace the beauty of these precious moments. Through her art, Vivia seeks to evoke a sense of solace and happiness, reminding us of the transformative power of the beach and the joy it brings.

In addition to her beach-inspired artwork, Vivia is deeply committed to preserving the stories and experiences of black communities that have often been overlooked in conventional narratives. Drawing on her passion for history, she meticulously restores antique photographs, giving voice to the individuals captured within them. Through her careful restoration and reinterpretation, Vivia honors the resilience and rich heritage of these communities, shedding light on their significant contributions to our collective history.

Vivia's artistic journey has been one of fearlessly charting her own course outside the traditional path. With unwavering determination, she has followed her creative instincts, defying conventional norms to have her art displayed in prestigious institutions such as the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, alongside exhibitions in esteemed museums and galleries. This unconventional path has allowed Vivia to break free from limitations, carving a space for her work to reach a diverse audience.

Through her art, Vivia redefines the concept of capturing joy and highlights the importance of preserving diverse narratives. She believes that talent knows no boundaries and that pursuing one's dreams can lead to extraordinary accomplishments. Her artwork serves as a catalyst for embracing the beauty of life, finding solace in joyful moments, and reflecting upon the significance of honoring the past.

Join Vivia on this transformative journey as she celebrates the magic of art, the power of joy, and the importance of preserving history. Together, let us create a space where happiness and history intertwine, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us and

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