Vivia Barron was born in  St. Ann Parish, Jamaica West Indies. It was here that she became exposed to Period traditions resulting from  her exposure to the effects of colonialism and slavery and the resultant long standing impact on the West Indian Culture. Long after Jamaican Independence, customs from European culture persisted and ultimately gave this artist inspiration to create a reality of her own, a mixture of what history could have been, what is was and the observers interpretation of it as seen through their own eyes. Vivia began her artistic career by studying design at The International Academy of The Arts in Florida …. And ultimately found that her true love was within the culinary arts. But this, as time would reveal, would only be the beginning of her journey. Working with food and learning the importance of refining her cutting skills would prove at a later time to carry significance with her work as a contemporary silhouette Artist expressing traditional ideas and unspoken realities.  A long time collector of Period Folk Art,  Vivia found inspiration with combining European style with impressions of African inspirations.  Her love of Antique  photography, in particular early Tintypes and Cabinet Cards revived her sense of commitment to preserving the era when, if only for a moment, African Americans could be viewed as high society. Vivia has shown mastery with telling the untold truths about the reality of cultural mixing and integration as she herself was a product of such heterogeneity having European, African, Asian and Native ancestral roots. What is true to form is that she represents the art she depicts and strives to accentuate attitudes by raising the senses and reactions to unspoken reality.  Vivia lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida.