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Forward Together 2

My pieces are a rewriting of the narrative to include Black people in the story in a way that doesn’t treat them as “othered” or “different,” but as an inextricable, necessary part of the experience of being alive, of being a member of a community. My paintings therefore are joyful and joy-filled-- a colorful, ecstatic representation of what it means to be human.


Forward Together 2:  REFLECTIONS ON 

Midtown Academy

Center for Cultural Arts, Gifted Students,
and Literacy Innovation

St. Petersburg, FL

A yearbook page reimagined to highlight the changes in our school community over time.

I worked with school administration and the parent-teacher organization to create this piece that focuses on representation and joy. Doing so was an opportunity for me to contribute to a community that values diversity and positivity. Drawing inspiration from a yearbook page, I wanted to capture the energy and enthusiasm of young students and create a piece that would inspire them to see themselves represented in a positive light. Through my artwork, I hope to promote creativity, encourage self-expression, and foster a sense of belonging for all students.


The piece hangs in the main rotunda welcoming students, staff, and visitors to this special school in St. Pete's South Side, a historically Black area. The piece was unveiled and installed during Black History Month 2023. 


Students visiting with the artist

Students visiting with a class during Black History Month. 

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