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Announcing my Solo Exhibition: Water: Soul of the Earth

Updated: May 15, 2023

Hi Friends! I am thrilled to announce my upcoming exhibition, "Water: Soul of The Earth," featuring my latest paintings that celebrate Black joy and the deep connection and history of Black people to water. The exhibit will run from June 2nd to August 27th at Ascent Peachtree in Atlanta, GA. To RSVP for the opening reception, please visit

Growing up in Jamaica, I was surrounded by people who looked like me, and I never felt othered or excluded. It wasn't until I moved to the US that I began to realize the extent to which Black people are often excluded or misrepresented in media and other cultural spheres. I believe that art has the power to rewrite this narrative and to create a space where Black joy and beauty can be fully expressed and celebrated.

That is why my latest exhibition, "Water: Soul of The Earth," centers around the theme of Black joy and the deep connection and history of Black people to water. In this series, I draw on my childhood memories of going to the beach in Jamaica, a place where I felt free and connected to my community. I hope that when viewers see my work, they feel joy and inspiration to take their families outside, to the beach, to the park, to places where they can experience joy and I hope my work inspires viewers to reflect on their own experiences with water and to see the beauty in the diverse stories and histories that make up our world.

Creating art is a deeply personal and intuitive process for me. As an artist, I strive to connect with the materials I use and allow them to guide me in telling the stories I want to share with the world. For my latest exhibition, "Water: Soul of The Earth," I used acrylic paints. I love the boldness of their colors and the way I can use expressive brushstrokes to bring my subjects to life. Each painting is a unique expression of the emotions and memories I have associated with water, from the freedom I felt as a child playing in the waves to the sense of community that comes from gathering by the shore. My artistic process remains grounded in the importance of storytelling and connection.

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